28 October 2015

Ambiguous Disgrace

Petty disagreements - yes, but the passion expressed 
pales ‘mere’ affectation of ideas-raised-voices are ego 
stress, & there we diverge & demur on whose bruises 
need the last word; conceding nothing to a contention 
the fault lies elsewhere, perhaps interpreting that tone 
over-used pretentiously as extremely irrelevant to the 
1st place context of whatever gave rise to dissent and 
causing that too to flee in an ambiguous disgrace 

So what are we fighting for; perhaps an exercise of a 
disordinate belief we’re ‘independent’ of each other’s 
peccadilloes such we’ve observed dispassionately, a 
wholly unbiassed mentor so to speak but keen to sic 
‘em in the spirit of the original insult before it deflates 
in the badinage of bad manners already displayed 

© 16 February 2015, I. D. Carswell