27 October 2015


So your sex-life has improved - like a quantum shift 
from doldrums of what might’ve been an idea which 
wasn’t primarily yours to impressions of whom we’d 
be most overwhelmed by if into dreaming vicarious 
relief, the hyper-orgasmic hypothesis that it isn’t, & 
comes quietly with a rather winsome hint of egoism 
you’d deny - yet there’s truth in explosive liberation 
of feelings with spasmic equivocation so bountiful 

And as this sensation abates into dreamlike stasis 
and tenseness dissipates into cream the breathing 
flows apace relaxed heartbeats floating among the 
fluttering, lily-pad clad surfaces rippled in ‘echoes’ 
too recent to be imagined; those origins are there 
always for emancipated minds to quietly bathe in 

© 19 February 2015, I. D. Carswell