23 October 2015

Bacon & Egg

Though it mightn’t have been th’ way you imagined 
the fact remains that it actually happened; & baking 
a pie in the barbecue - a bacon & egg fabrication to 
boot, came as a fine surprise; pity is, this sensually 
epicurean, very rare treat was never intended to be 
a home-consumption casualty - it has disappeared 
off to where a rave-on party will be as ‘her majesty’ 
Mme Massey meets with brother Fergusson; oh to 

explain, they’re dogs of distinction litter-mates, and 
Massey’s making her first return-home trip; if ideas 
of a ‘dog party’ seem absurd believe me, flippantly 
barbecue cooking a pie takes the cake without any 
form of decorous restraint, tho’ I rue opportunity to 
thus get a taste of an amazing bounty engaged 
© 18 April 2015, I. D. Carswell