24 October 2015

In The Giving

A confusing but beaut start to the day; there was 
an early awakening, chest congestion with throat 
infection plays its streptococcal ‘miseries’ upon a 
somnambulant misfeasance; noway am I blamed 
for this happenstance - though not attempting th’ 
conscionable ‘precautionary’ regime suggests I’d 
earned it fair - but let’s parlay upon my Lady who 
this past week suffered th’ same bug even worse 

All I can say is she did better than me - in leaving 
for her cursed daily routine while I’m abed asleep 
dosed to the hilt, awakening dazed at 10 am with 
no recollections making a modicum of sense and 
realising then how strong she’s had to’ve been; it 
comforts still nonetheless she’s survived it better 

What I meant, after all, is that She gave it to me 
© 18 June 2015, I. D. Carswell