04 October 2015


Well, it ain’t over yet - and Twickenham is blest 
with a Wallabies display that’s up there - where 
Michael Cheika prays to a brazen Moon; and if 
it takes a year for th’ English to get a message,
or deny ever being there - there’s still a quarter 
of the game to go; of course His Indolence, the 
referee, Romaine Poite - has some say in what 
potentially comes next - & with due deference 

But it is rugby; the Poms stand the ignominy of 
being eliminated from the final if they loose - & 
as RWC host Nation, that’ll be hard to handle - 
with, in any language, their bellicose attitude to 
blame, so we’ll say see ya, at 33 - 13 we’re on 
our way to a World Cup final mate

© 4 October 2015, I. D. Carswell