03 October 2015

Old Excuses

If the factions of Islam could agree on a rational  
discourse implicit against the deranged internal 
disagreements that separate them, then there’d 
be less discontent materialised as hatred of the 
West; why you say, its been that way for years - 
since The Crusades for heavens sake, so I rest 
my case, we’d need more of history and less of 
the evasion in their explanation of that reality … 

They use The Infidel to excuse their inability to 
reach any form of factional agreement - having 
unanimously agreed enemies is convenient for 
radicals too, although they don’t follow precept 
except to the letters of their leader’s professed 
radicalised dictates - we will kill all in our way 

It is a sad case when radicalised minorities rule 
the ‘public face’ of what might be great religious 
experience; sadder too for moderates who’ve a 
common-sense view of ecumenical actuality - if 
there’s a way to the future its in abasing a past 
that didn’t make any way for consensus ideas 

© 8 April April 2015, I. D. Carswell