05 October 2015


Given a rest - like a thought you’d exorcise if it 
was a rat to better thinking - becoming 35 isn’t
all that much different to being whom you are - 
and then there’s a sinecure to sanity - a whole 
lot more to contend with than just you; if being 
you is the culprit whereas the rest of the news 
suggests the culprits didn’t care who’d matter 
much more than familial sense of grand unity 

And there is the defence - more than one - or 
more than the sum of whom you’ve become - 
now that makes the idea of we easier to be a 
party to; you’re 35 with an entourage already, 
although they’d claim similar rights to be free 
of definition - & become themselves like you 

© 29 March 2015, I. D. Carswell