26 October 2015

Chromatic Keys

The morning rang chromatic keys when 
Massey’s sibling greetings pranged and 
crashed in flames, such jealousy Podge 
harbours sprang a leak - tried an ‘Alpha 
Male’ disguise on meeting Fergusson - 
her littermate who is at least 3 times his 
size - implying he’s ‘the harder dog’ in a  
burlesque advised with teeth a-bared 

Disgraceful as it was to see, he made a 
point that Fergusson surmised might be 
a claim to backup out-of-sight; the wiser 
vote of tolerance parlayed his ‘cleaning-
out’ a rowdy JRT, - tho’ Massey’s way’d 
bend their enmity for games to play  

So it came to pass I had to be a harder 
dog in kind to keep the peace, & may in 
retrospect decree me less the man than 
he who feeds such lunacy - with Podge 
denied by promises tonite of sausages 
‘to go’ - his in a BBQ infused delight 

© 18 July 2015, I. D. Carswell