25 October 2015

On The Outside

Being on the outside reflects a grim recognition 
of spatial reality - but only if you know and care 

for me there isn’t any difference I can see apart 
from where we’re of another place in the matrix 

we’re always somewhere - even nowhere’s just 
another place; less, perhaps, a ticked credibility 

but that needs agreement, yet we don’t get into 
that debate or even parse their neighbourhood; 

where the cookie crumbles is a locale with feet 
enough so good vibrations populate actuality - 

without it rational achievement’s sense echoes 
collusively with shadowed hints of ribald jeers 

no-one’s there - or have been, unless dreamed 
into sanctioned corporeality of vague inference 

and that’s where you’ll find me, an innuendo of 
restraint posing with feigned indifference … 

© 25 July 2015, I. D. Carswell