16 October 2015


Can one be embarrassed by that dialectical bias 
expressed in doggerel suggesting - you can’t be 
aware what we’re really talking about: as if we’d 
care you’re feeling that vulnerable - but where a 
case exists to make the play, a game’s still what 
motivates all these ploys to commentate like the 
rawest patriot - but its Cricket, xenophobic in it’s 
worst proclivity: plus this is the World Cup mate 

So the haze of innuendo dribbles into a plasmic 
mass of crass balderdash they really believe’s a 
true and accurate picture of a game imagined in 
their fondest dementia; oh, need I explain we’re 
listening to the radio - where the nationality of a 
sportscaster blares like pretentious patriotism 
© 25 March 2015, I. D. Carswell