14 October 2015

Idea Generation

If you could even generate an idea; now there’s 
an enigma, thinking that you actually control the 
production of being fertile imaginatively is more 
egocentrism than common-sense - but you can 
almost get used to it; when dice roll and you’ve 
picked it right there’s a feeling of omnipotence - 
so who’s idea’s that; no, not yours, its th’ game 
master who’s the winner there - as per diem 

We’re well clear of any reasoning and merely a 
part of sequences too complex, or far-reaching 
to be able to understand; connections between 
the plan, and where we dream up an idea, rear 
up laughing with hysteria - bemused at why we 
can think what we’re thinking’s our own idea 

© 30 March 2015, I. D. Carswell