17 October 2015

Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t take it personally - but you don’t have the wood 
on me; tho’ you made it compulsory in law to enrol to 
vote you can’t escape the consequence its more of a 

Colonic invasion of privacy than redressing your case; 
I will let lie easy if you prepare to ‘roll’ over and let me 
check to see if your registration is at a finger’s depth - 

Ok, what I mean is you are ostensibly the Delegate of 
an Electoral Commissioner for Division of LongTemps 
but I’ve no faith it’s you without finger’s insertion proof 

What do you say; ‘no way’ I guess, and so do I; so, no 
I won’t register, enrol or vote as you demand for same 
distressing reasons that your dour letter obfuscates 

But on the other hand, demarcates what freedoms the 
political arena demands as their bread and cheese; so 
piss off Noddy - my finger’s free for the asking anyway 
© 12 June 2015, I. D. Carswell