18 October 2015

Devout Sacrifice

If you’re home to a few sad truths about racism 
and bigotry, why not add in a leg or two; there’s 
room to dob in religious extremism cited a pure 
means of expressing the same outside a creed. 
If we’re fobbed off too easy deeming it a wrong 
then we’re equally guilty of turning a blind eye -  
like allowing culpable homicide to be defended 
by a ‘devout sacrifice’ sanctioned in suicide 

Lamentably we all have to dwell in an equivocal 
contingency of being equal when, in truth, we’re 
anything but; there are those governed by belief 
and others by risible facts, it’s thus we see gaps 
where the solidarity should be - & killing anyone 
for its credence won’t alter the status of that 
© 22 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

The Charleston Church massacre likened to 
examples of radical Islamist extremism