10 October 2015

Easter Again

Easter - and the spectre of eggs dressed as rabbits 
with large frangible ears on chocolate legs; or even 
better yet, ideas anything goes as long as its cacao 
indecently sweetened; we’d need once upon a time 
over Easter weekend to attend one church service 
at least to feel relief of resurrection, but then as the 
story goes, we’d ascend somewhere & never to be 
seen with proper trimmings again until next Easter 

Unless at a Christmas Noel - when the in-concert 
harmony of belief presents celebratory gifts in the 
way economies reinforce as a statutory largesse - 
but I digress, in retrospect magnanimity of Easter 
splices memories we keep circumspect and alive 
in the face of our greatest benevolent sacrifice 

© 3 April 2015, I. D. Carswell