11 October 2015

On The Creek

A 5 am awakening suggests either a complex 
schedule or confused press of fey ceremony -  
well it’s neither and that’s a blessing, plus this  
is Saturday; not that there’ll be any rest, we’re 
hosting a BBQ on the Creek come Sunday so 
today’s when th’ nitty gritty gets attended, like 
cleaning the cooker and getting beer - meat’s 
defrosting in the fridge where it’s looking OK  

This’ll be a bit different from th’ usual bash, its 
planned amid trees where midges ’n mozzies 
rule seriously, there where its rash t’ try doing 
without anti-bug spray - a mortien defence so 
to speak, but th’ real Creek’s clout of open air 
and tinkling water always wins hands down 

And its where the grandest legends began; a 
dream-like ambience of fondest memories; it 
spans two generations with a third beginning 
today, there’ll be oohs and ah’s disguised as 
faraway looks reminiscing in eyes those tiny 
feet will scamper & splash into a new reality

© 21 March 2015