09 October 2015

Th’ Clancy Way

It’s not a matter of how correct y’ play, you’ve 
gotta do it the Clancy way - there is a penalty 
no less omniscient dan earnin' ‘is explanation 
of it; anyway, y’ canna understan’ dat ‘coz it’s 
in d’ furriest broad dialect y’ ever heard on d’ 
footy paddock and not to mention his rulings, 
that suggests an interpreter interaction’s also 
necessary in effecting a rational translation 

The game where he earned accolades was a 
cracker between Georgia and Namibia; there 
was a record set of the longest first half over-
time ever yet in RWC competition; confused - 
think of what the players were going thru’ - & 
it was bemused yellow-card-littered dithering 

But we’ll forgive him for dat, at least it nearly 
entertains; whereas blowing ‘stop’ every few 
plays because he needed consult a sideline 
coterie or TMO nearly blew his cover - & so 
we lived on knife edge until the final whistle 
peeped confusions-end and bright relief 
© 8 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

First half duration - 49:27. Normal time is 40:00 
Final score: Georgia 17 - Namibia 16
Referee: George Clancey 
Asst Refs: Romain Poite & Stuart Berry 

TMO: Shaun Veldsman