08 October 2015

Exciting RWC Citing

Citing a player for deliberately breaching the rules 
and engaging in foul play takes shape of referees 
hiding behind veils - once there was just the one - 
a fellow with a whistle on-field, now there are five; 
two sideline assistants plus TMO, plus an off-field 
hidden somewhere ‘gent’ termed an Independent 
Citing Commissioner, with the final say whether a 
player need answer further charges to foul play

If not already dealt with on-field, the process has 
a cinematic re-runs shabbiness of forsaking past 
cataclysmic events more resonate in comparison 
and farcically restating how fallible are referees - 
or are we entering the polite society again - okay 
then Michael Hooper lives to breath a guilty plea 

If we’d seen sour grapes - which is a reasonable 
reaction given the pique-faced Poms on the day, 
then fair go, but let’s say Sam Burgess got a life 
while Mike Brown laughs at the rulings, like he’s 
above ‘n beyond the Laws of the game anyway - 
while Michael Hooper gets a week off to repent 
© 7 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

The aftermath of Wallabies 33 - 13 win over England 

on Saturday 3 October