07 October 2015


The hair is growing - I can feel its stubble softening 
gradually like an animate hello; it doesn’t mean I’m 
forgiven for shearing it off first place - although that 
could only be memory from a barbershop floor, & it 
still makes a case for consultation; I’m supposed to 
see it as a crowning glory ‘justification’ because it’s  
where its supposed to be, & I say that is simply too 
gauche - but its reasoning holds a robust sway 

How do you know that baldness runs in my family I 
query gently - both brothers thinning away to shiny 
pates isn’t inevitability; but I’d guess the pictures of 
Dad say no contest - and if that’s where it all came 
from Grandma’s locks thinning in her twilight years 
ends all of the redolent speculation. So maybe my 

Locks-shearing’s merely a quaint form of solidarity 

© 2 August 2015, I. D. Carswell