06 October 2015

Sotto Voce

Somewhere in between the idea and an execution 
of its meaning, prejudicing only half-asleep fairies, 
but not me you mutter sotto voce, I’m wide awake 
and a non-believer, please don’t include me in the 
valedictory, okay! Then why’re you even listening; 
if you are out of the picture, let things flow free as 
a strand of conscience you used to inhabit - or’ve 
we got that wrong too, and you’re still ensconced 

In the same rigmarole that prejudicially blinds you 
to here and now approximation - that, in reality, is 
someone else’s yesterday - you don’t have to live 
what others say you do even if it is easier to fit in; 
they subconsciously ‘mould’ you into an object as 
it’s easier to place that on their self-evident shelf 

© 11 May 2015, I. D. Carswell