02 October 2015


The scheme is to reinvent ‘flavours’ of a golden 
age - breakfast as it was meant be; & tastebuds 
have to agree nothing changed too much to that 
easy-peasy-buttered-toast uniqueness, with the 
salutary dab of Vegemite, a smidgen of honey & 
creme de la creme of peanut paste (yeah OK,
know we call it butter - but I won’t waste words 
in defence of unsophisticated, traditional ways) 

And riding waves of gustatory recall - swirling a 
cup of milk-and-sugared tea around the molars, 
cleaning reflectively before a compulsory ‘tooth-
brushing’, and then accompanied by mint-fresh 
teeth ushered unconscionably out the door and 
off to School - where reverie irrevocably ends 

© 12 May 2015, I. D. Carswell