13 October 2015

Still Abed

Claiming it is only a convenience - & that doesn’t 
mean what your warped thinking situates as that 
commode or latrine sensibly placed nearby, what 
we’re doing is screen sharing, so the need to get 
out of bed and dress warmly is wisely avoided; it 
is winter, a bit cooler & staying comfy rates more 
with sinecures lauded than ‘brave’ new identities 
perched at a desk in the spare room freezing 

So Macbook Air shares iMac ‘screen’ - far as we 
can tell there’s no dramas between us & internet 
connection, what we see bears signatures of the 
community we’ve contributed to for some years, 
there’s interaction, idea exchange, compliments 
with insightful banter and keen appraisals 

Convenient indeed - obviously we concede that 
yes, we’re still abed - 

© 30 June 2015, I. D. Carswell