21 October 2015

Kukri In Hand

Kukri in hand doesn’t mean that, your motif’s more 
ceremonial machete than a parang, golok if you’ve 
a wish to obey local parlance; but you’d never use 
one to shave - unless you’re different - well we did.  
It was to prove we’re as good as the History says - 

There were moments when it made sense tho’ not 
too many, otherwise it would be like listening to th’ 
ABC when you’re not at home - hoping for reason,  
or maybe sensory revelation when - on exceeding 
common sense found shaving with cream easier 

Oh no, we won’t slice ourselves we’d say, already 
dressed to the deference we were trained in - like 
hardy boys, in cams & boots we’d not removed in 
many days for the most obvious of reasons, seen 
always as playing safe by being ever-ready 

So this kukri brings back deeply seated memories, 
carried it for ages; sharpening was relaxation, that 
ritual weighing comfortably before sleep - and with  
an odd belief we’d honed ourselves a keen & able 
prospect for the coming day’s patrolling 
© 26 June 2015, I. D. Carswell