20 October 2015

Leave Them Be

Wanting the cows to graze the laneway takes 
patience, they are pragmatist as any who see 
grass as their realistic reward, but open gates
don’t necessarily mean congenial opportunity; 
making the obvious change with good intent’s 
not the same to them as seeing an agreeable 
pasture just beyond the fence, and even then 
someone casually needs to lead the way 

So we wait patiently; one, then two make the 
connection between laneway & good grazing - 
but the rest stay where they’re accustomed & 
chew cud with bovine placidity; it may well be 
another day or two before the grazing routine 
grows into the laneway & beyond we think; &

Maybe we’ll need inform the dogs to be a lot 
more tolerant - like, just leave them be
© 23 April 2015, I. D. Carswell