12 October 2015

Normal Behaviour

Well, was it a cockroach or politician; if the fact 
it served no purpose but that defined as its own 
likely suggests both, and as large, gaudy things 
known for clandestinely lurking places any truly 
assiduous soul decently avoids - then hey, well 
maybe we’ve a new breed; yet an idea that it’s 
in Joe Hockey look-alike makes me nervous of 
the credo you ‘always get what you deserve’ 

Only time we see cockroaches is when they’re 
comatose after the act of spraying insecticide - 
I agree the states are political similarities rated  
shenanigans, but as it creatively bugs me they 
can get away with it like it’s normal behaviour, 
then maybe - and yet again - that’s what it is  

© 9 April 2015, I. D. Carswell