23 November 2015


Being in love this way comes without agonies 
deemed outrageous; so we are in later years 
than those where contagious imagery besets 
stereotypic etiquette, love fest leftovers to be 
precise, a delightfully visceral sense - though 
simply a scene we’ve been engaged in; - is it 
a question whether investing in love redeems 
itself sensually thru ‘lured away’ diversions 

That was the ploy today, an intermezzos with 
grand geste weaving magnificent wonderment 
meshed in senses steeped to fulfilment’s edge 
and beyond, a breathless tryst with dreamlike 
enchantment etched in unison blessed by an 
agreement we’re its luckiest enthusiasts 
© 3 March 2015, I. D. Carswell