18 November 2015

Benefit Of Doubt

It’s taken a while for the barb to sting, and an 
age not suffered silently; Islamic State lunacy 
may not seem threatening to our Sovereignty, 
or are we dreaming petty, introverted dreams 
assured our freedoms are self-sustaining; an 
unlikelier, but more delusionary belief, allows 
‘odd’ Islamic extremists in to stay as defence 
of the right ‘to be given benefit of the doubt’ 

It’s cancelled today in Abbott’s rambling brief; 
finally our internal security got a word in from 
the home team, th’ deviants are already here 
recruiting would-be jihadists to fight in a ‘war’ 
Islamic State declared against the rest of the 
World for being decidedly non-ISIS aligned

Our head-in-the-sand intransigence branded 
us an easier fruit to pick, but in a manner we 
need to think through properly; if the radicals 
we see no harm in are plums they seek, its a 
case social media promoting it must cease or 
be surgically cleansed - immediately

© 23 February 2015, I. D. Carswell