17 November 2015

Still Battling

Still battling vestiges of aggrieved memory - with no 
reason to be piqued it says, dust settled an age ago 
and we moved on to where the real reason became 
indefensibly clear; you’d had too many wins to be in 
the same league - so hey, quit grousing about that
claiming you’re a battler doesn’t really equate to the 
actual arena we were engaged in, all that posturing 
melodramatically suggests it was a theatrical stage 

But it wasn’t the real me being judged by a biassed 
& clearly disaffected audience - who hadn’t paid for 
the watching privilege anyway; they had ‘absented’ 
themselves in a search for truth without the crunch 
of being relevant to it, deeming in their malcontent 
shadows all of these motes were their own ideas 

I am not too crazy nor timid to guess where those 
ideas originated first place; look who was making 
statements & dancing the dance of entertainment, 
a mite too innovatively - & look who was sneering, 
bodaciously contemporaneous within their coterie 
of he’s not one of us, is he, usury condemnation 
© 26 February 2015, I. D. Carswell