19 November 2015

Ingenuous Measures

You’d call it lubricious rakishness - in every sensation,  
if you were that rash, but he knew that more syllables  
meant less impact, promiscuous indecency, #1 no-no 
with this lady of infinitely ingenuous measures - liking 
risqué play on pleasure simply as a canapé - never a 
lewd epicurean titbit of intemperance, & it wasn’t she 
didn’t know the sybaritic difference in that - but in her 
own refreshingly louche way - arousingly restrained 

If he was a puritan in a licentious age he’d be wooed 
and won when she played cards he’d seen as a sum 
of indulgently stacked and shuffled virtuous habits; a 
restrained smorgasbord of decency too sweet to not 
taste, gracefully pleasured feastings of senses in no 
way indentured to the ways of libidinous decadence 
© 24 February 2015, I. D. Carswell