22 November 2015

Heart Beat Eternity

This is an after-love too consuming to be confused 
with post-orgasmic infusion of reflective fidelity, tho
each unchaste state is suffused in lethargy graced 
and honourifics imbued, bathed replete in atavistic 
embrace there’s no room for hypotheses entwined 
in ages of blind surrender to Eros’ senile mandate; 
let the energy pervade, free reign melds ends and 
means into mutual tapestry of seamless feelings 

Justification of who came most ardently shares no 
bonus, pays no dividend in an afterglow’s respect, 
that is left to memoirs where emotion’s death has 
a face you won’t recognise anyway; here its waltz 
pace slowed to our mellowed breathing’s melody - 
embracing dualities of heart-beat eternity 
© 9 March 2015, I. D. Carswell