21 November 2015

Further Back

It is a bit like living further back, but yes, 
you’d challenge the sense wasted time; 
when you’ve been there, done that, any 
inference you’d do it again won’t win an 
accolade and yet we’re here where new 
starts suggest you’re willing to try being 
less - relearning to live intensely in the 
moment you’ve finally recognised 

Isn’t easy - washing away memories is 
like asking palpitations too real to pass 
off as in-style affectations to flow away, 
and yet you need to be renewed; altho’ 
as yet the new you isn’t too different or 
unrecognisable in its structured view 

But there is change; the place is as far 
away from what used to be as its past 
makes that journey much further back, 
& yet you’re here, where you’ve never 
been, & the unique moment suggests 
its exactly as you wanted it to be 
© 14 February 2015, I. D. Carswell