20 November 2015

Meat City On A Wednesday

Far be it from me to say - 'n yet I said it anyway,  
it was an occasion at Meat City this Wednesday - 
there were more folks there’n we’ve seen before 
altho’ my Lady maintains they’re buying meat ‘n 
veg of the day, not supplies like we who’ll fill two 
trolleys no worries without getting stressed by a 
queue - the deep freeze will be months imbued - 
I’m already thinking about the calamari rings … 

So what is th’ novelty ‘bout a bulk-buying thing; 
apart from generous price trimming of its large 
range of cuts you get to ‘hang out’ in their cool 
room with th’ stacks of prime meat; infatuation 
does’t explain that temptation, what you see’s 
cool-room displays up close & very personal 

Hey, we know it isn’t the real butchery bit with 
row of carcasses being carved into cuts, here 
they’re already sealed in trays - but you don’t 
have to wait if you know what you want; that’s 
a positive mate - and the sausages and steak 
are ripper buys if you’re a gonzo barbie freak 
© 18 February 2015, I. D. Carswell