05 November 2015

Sources Of Heat

Well, I’ve listened to the Team debating climate change 
again; supposedly the sources of heat are ‘political’ in a 
sceptical sense of who’s survival is affected, which isn’t 
a maybe, yet the current bench plays dead-fools debate 
on who pays for the loss of profit they haven’t made; so 
is it merely a ploy to grab last dollars before we’ve none 
left to foot the bill of idiocy expressed as a convenience 
until we work out a way to make more from green ideas 

The change is such we’re never having a climate again 
same as the one we eulogised, a grace of Gods ‘vision’ 
of a ‘Mediterranean’ paradise displaced somewhere off 
a map of reason; thus I say let 70 or so years elapse, it 
redacts only a moments real time which we can believe 
as truth for the carbon reduction saviours we need 

© 27 April 2015, I. D. Carswell