06 November 2015

Survival Way

I’m thinking the survival way is to be less interested 
in what I don’t have to face personally; I imagine th’ 
distances spaced ‘tween me and a detached event, 
but in clinical sense; angst fantasy - products made 
in over-imaginative defence mechanisms demands; 
its saying this is redundant - you can see there’s no 
personal threat - nor do we need an internet access
to work it out - the event wasn’t even in your face 

As an urbane opportunity brash of connectivity nor a 
blasé latitude to play devil’s advocate freed of peers 
acerbic critique; lacking net access isn’t th’ threat we 
need protection against, its an occasion to be in awe 
of; imagine the freedom inherent in that admission & 
grieve your redefinition of this new-found liberty 

© 9 April 2015, I. D. Carswell