07 November 2015


It has been an event-filled few days; could have 
said eventful, but demurred - a trite observation, 
indeed it wasn’t lively to the letter - banal says it 
better as it might easily have been disastrous; & 
it is in a way - the end-point suggests no ‘peace’ 
exists at The Creek from this day henceforth; so 
what the Hell happened you’re going to ask - all 
discourse slumping into an animate suspense 

Not much is the reply - just tweaked a few odds 
& ends in our non-functional satellite broadband 
connection, and - voila, suddenly we could ‘see’ 
an anonymous www hitherto hidden behind the 
jargonist technical innuendo implying we ‘need’ 
an expert to get that connection up & running 

Well bully for me - naive to the crudest letter of 
idiomatic surmise - and denying the view which 
said you knew what you were doing - maybe in 
an abstract sense, but any physicality involved 
in cabling connected directly to my iMac made 
more sense than its IP-confused wi-fi wizardry 

72 hours later we’re still database-updating - & 
slowly isn’t a misused catch-phrase - satellite’s 
make you pay for speed - but the amazing feat 
was managing to get our wi-fi network connect 
back in ‘dot.space’, and happily divested of the 
framework’s unsavoury cabling mess 
© 27 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

Recording the ANZAC weekend saga of getting our 
home computing network peripherals re-connected, 
in free communication with each other & operating 
efficiently on line again - after a three month lapse …