18 December 2015

Blue Blazes

Okay, it isn’t as easy as writing poetry but then I’m 
a most comatose example of that. If it irritates, will 
you please excuse my boasting; try and say it any 
way you want - there’s no mastery intended if it is 
a plain matter of fact. So what the blue blazes are 
we meant to infer from the turn of events; isn’t it a 
gay Mardi Gras where labels are reversed for that 
bizarre impact of spryly wearing your imagination 

Don’t see anything odd about that - if ingenuity is 
playing fair your mind’s eye creates reality where 
rubber meets the road of others expectations - in 
amazement though homophobia sneers acidly at 
any different thought; while its crazier to expect a 
uniform similarity, sanity in differences do matter 
© 6 March 2015, I. D. Carswell