17 December 2015


The belief an Indonesian President has what it takes 
to make a Country safe from itself seems somewhat 
compromised; - making your way in a secular World 
breaks new ground daily, ideas of ‘sovereignty’ fade 
from dreams irrevocably lost to the price of histories 
plagiarised from examples of failed democracy; its a 
worst-case scenario when the death penalty applies 
to everybody who’ll guarantee its Media saturation 

So Mr President, open your eyes and see that your 
predicament isn’t popularity - or maybe it is within a 
jaundiced view of who actually runs the Country - if 
it isn’t you or misrepresentatives of ‘jingo’ Justice; a 
firing squad travesty the Country doesn’t need can 
be averted by granting unconditional clemency 
© 5 March 2015, I. D. Carswell