19 December 2015

Like Flies

Like flies on the ceiling the idea of independence 
has meanings too complex to recite at whim; this 
came to me when diligently trimming my beard - 
not an arduous task yet there is cause and effect 
marking boundaries upside-down flies describe - 
now scry the ridge in a hairline where beard-end 
blends like an erratic curve a flying upside-down 
fly states that’s where you land upright 

So in the manner of the fly we have to try in the 
auspices of an unfriendly mirror-reversed image 
which naturally make a mess of it; is this a price 
of independence you ask - observing flies have 
ceased their reversed ceiling sojourn - returned 
to the hold of sensibly coiffeuse gravity 
© 4 March 2015, I. D. Carswell