20 December 2015


And I say to myself, then why aren’t you amused and 
amazed at Joe Hockey’s braggadocio-delivered ogre-
faced rhetoric, flowing from an unilateral skeptic of all 
things he didn’t think of first or propose in that without 
credibility, legless dissertation style of his as the best 
you can get - believe me - sneering at any showing a 
taint of scepticism at purported common-sense views 
even self-professed genius has difficulty locating 

And I reply, he’s a comedian, not a treasurer; should I 
forget about Shrek then? Whether I could accede to a 
treaty depends on his level of hostility - if he gave that 
away there may be room to accommodate; but no lee-
way exists in his accusing me of ‘costing’ the Country 
dearly as a superannuitant, retiree & age pensioner 
© 6 March 2015, I. D. Carswell