21 December 2015

Sage View

So turning off the hearing aids enables as close a 
state to peace as believing it possible; however to 
be safe there’s need to realistically compare what 
isn’t there with the relativity of what was: the hum 
of electrical appliances is one such, or that shriek 
of a mosquito approaching an ear, or manic buzz 
of a fly bouncing off the egress-denying window - 
it is a test of wit with dire consequences impeding 

When a misinterpreted bit is actually her majesty’s 
warning you’d better listen properly; it is an I’ll only 
say this the once proposition where ‘no worries’ or 
okay fails assessment of accepted attention levels 
& the hammer descends with amazing alacrity - to 
hear or not to hear bears false witness too easily 

Thus the idea peace is a place of quietude seems 
a compromised sage view as only you’d believe 
© 7 March 2015, I. D. Carswell