26 December 2015

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day, & believe me it’s started alright; 
there’s been no drama, just usual flights of fancy to 
contend with; we’d coped with torrential rain on it’s 
eve, tho’ that decrees hints of cooler temperatures 
such we’ll hugely benefit, if in vengeance it doesn’t 
precipitate at an alfresco smorgasbord planned - & 
we’ll take that in stride with savoir-faire, been there 
delighting, participating with polished aplomb

It’s Family Day tho’ hard to express its exceptional 
embrace there’s no denying where the place it fills 
situates; we gather in expectations we keep under 
consensual wraps but glory in the openings of that 
by the younger generation expressing their glee - 
it is harmony reaching back to our beginnings

© 25 December 2015, I. D. Carswell