27 December 2015

More Space

Yes, she corrected that what matters rests easily 
without exhausting more space; there’s neatly an 
about-face of priorities redressing themselves - a 
crazy situation when the things taken for granted 
as essential prove imaginary figments to trade in 
potential wages of sin, or absolutely suggest you 
be left for dead - so there’s your internet connect 
trade-off on evading ever thinking things through 

Yeah, its a great social connect; but do you need 
to be visible to the greater arena to prove whose 
idiot social-parameters you’d be a group-thinking 
original clone of, truthfully; and if it isn’t you then 
why do you need to encompass it, a free agency 
is being easy when its space isn’t playing games 
© 16 March 2015, I. D. Carswell