10 December 2015

Hard Dog

Me ol’ mate Podge is out there warning the World 
he’s onto it, that is - whatever’s set all of our local 
canine cosa nostra off on a barking spree; there’s 
no worries he says, its in capable hands now, the 
hard dog is about to be sorting out miscreants, or 
who, how & where they’re located like toute suite 
or sooner if you get my drift, so where’s my back- 
up, and hey - keep the conversation alive, alright 

Its pointless trying to express an opinion that this 
is a noisy rumour merely echoing in empty space 
surrounding well-filled tummies - especially since 
last full moon was more’n a week ago; but then a 
morning visitation of 4 wallabies - two with joeys - 
on the back lawn - so maybe - just maybe … 
© 24 August 2015, I. D. Carswell