11 January 2016

A Week Away

I don’t blame myself for being spaced slightly 
short of full-blown confident, but the thought 
my team The Hurricanes can blaze a path of 
glory tonight is wasted on me; they are of an 
enigmatic genre who’ve played ‘dramatically’ 
even when losing while being top of the tree; 
well, it’d be nice to whip a Waratah fricassee 
next week, not that anyone eats that cheap 

But I have to say, it isn’t my parlance; this is 
‘winning’ - a new penchant for my old family, 
Wellington isn’t renowned for nailing coffins 
like our adversaries do, I’m ho hum a bit, or 
more accurately, redressing what it’ll mean 
if we get to win the bloody championship 

But, okay, that rests with The Brumbies 
© 27 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

Written just before the Brumbies & Hurricanes about to play 
off for a spot in the 2015 Super 15 Finals 

In the event, Hurricanes 29 - Brumbies 9,  
Waratahs 17 - Highlanders 35. So it will be 
an all New Zealand Final in Wellington, with 
Super 15 Leaders Hurricanes up against