12 January 2016

Greek Tragedy

So I ‘ave t’ be cautious saying to my Greek 
mate Andreas - ah, your shout cobber, but 
its ok to sit it out if y’ need wait; and there’s 
no acrimony hinting you ‘aven’t paid y’ way 
square ’n th’ past. He grins, the last time y’ 
pulled that one mate, it cost you a bloody 
round, but I’m onto y’ scheme - & he says, 
slyly, y’ still lookin’ for another free haircut 

Nah, I say unconvincingly, its the state of 
the Greek economy, 60 Euros a day won’t 
pay th’ bar tab mate - we’re blowing away 
squillions: here’s what I propose; your Cuz 
give me a trim & I’ll see to you don’t ‘ave to 
pay until next week when the votes are in 

He laughs, she’s back in the Greek Islands - 
Aposteros to be precise - so how’re y’ going 
to avail yourself, nice as it sounds; easy as 
pie I say the after the World Bank Kraut and 
Frog forth-closures there’s bound t’ be free 
hospitality like its another Greek tragedy 
© 8 July 2015, I. D. Carswell