16 January 2016

Beyond Our Best

A power failure doesn’t mean the end of the World 
you’d say, not an event like an unforeseen nuclear 
incident - one in which all infrastructure existing is 
irrevocably blown to bits, life immediately ceasing; 
& so does the similarity, for God’s sake the power 
has failed, why are we bewailing civilisations end - 
what’s missing is TV, and the insufferable internet, 
which we’d easily trade for a carton of cold beer 

But - maybe that is as far as we have progressed; 
taking a power failure as the expression of where 
we’re best seen for whom and what we are preys 
upon where we came from; we used to be able to 
cope with such deprivation, & expected it more or 
less, because it accurately tested who we were 

And that definitely says we're beyond our best
© 27 October 2015, I. D. Carswell