17 January 2016

Language Relief

Sorry but it has to be said, the referees appointed 
from RWCs Home Unions are next to useless - & 
if one had to depend upon Wayne Barnes to ‘see’ 
and understand what JP Doyle couldn’t in an age 
puzzle from Nigel Owen’s John Lacey translation, 
crikey - they don’t share common wavelengths in 
th’ same field of endeavour, except in a dearth of 
that tacit query - no idea what you’re saying - 

could y’ speak English, please? And if you’re the 
George Clancey iteration it all stalls again; there 
is some comfort in Craig Joubert & Jaco Peyper, 
Pascal Gauzere, Romain Poite, Jerome Garces 
and the Aussie & Kiwis - but where on Rugby’s 
good earth is there a restrained language relief 
© 18 October 2015, I. D. Carswell