15 January 2016

Civil Liberty

It isn’t out of character, not when we
consider the throat clearing deemed 
necessary before a special dispatch 

or’m I making hash out of a nil moot 
that’s a defunct rally slogan; maybe 
it’s a libertarian’s political burlesque 

that y’all need t’ grow up before you 
can choose what y’all want to be as 
we approach that hallowed age; but 

older is not enough when wiser says 
don’t count on a choice being yours - 
you’ll still be unessential; so I’m pre-

pronouncement throat clearing, and 
in-character with my way of thinking - 
but quite dreading the script - which 

according to the ‘scriptures’ must be 
recited verbatim, at least what we’re 
told’s the protocol it really is, and by 

them all who’ve been thru it before; 
what I’m thinkings just stick t’ throat 
clearing without th’ ‘mandatory’ spit 
© 14 September 2015, I. D. Carswell