22 January 2016

Passion In Play

So - maybe it is too easy to say that Quinton 
James Jimmy Cowan’s a bellicose reprobate 
with an increasingly soured rugby reputation - 
and in addition to his irrationally tatty tattoos 
has a taciturn communication sourness in th’ 
way he relates - yet he continues to play for 
Tasman amazingly - but maybe he’s almost 
normal considering he likes to really mentor 

the referees in grunts of gesticulated dismay  
which’ve become a universal sign language 
adopted rugby World-wide by th’ Cowan set; 
you now see it at every scrum, maul or ruck 
in players mute protest that th’ referee, if not 
inefficient & wrong - is an incompetent idiot 

at best & this’s coming from a passionately 
involved player supposedly entertaining us 
with such unstinting fidelity to a game they 
play in Heaven; I don’t think the excuse, so 
to speak, holds water Jimmy, it’s too long a 
way back to the Gore of your beginnings 
© 3 October 2015, I. D. Carswell