14 January 2016

On The Track

I am glad to see there’s more prints on the track 
than Grace and me; that just isn’t to say I ignore 
me ol’ mate Podge’s doggy impressions, they’re 
suggestions he’s been this way too - altho’ while 
he’s passing thru he’s usually on lesser byways;  
it’s t’ sniff scent that interesting things left, and t’  
pee, th’ proper event goin’ dodgy places he’s so 
intently keen upon, or maybe just following me 

What we find today are distinct kangaroo tracks - 
its that time o’ th’ year; in fact they’re all gadding 
about at th’ mo’, of recent days we’ve seen half-
a dozen, tho they didn’t stop t’ say gidday which 
suggests it's Spring already: - it reminds there’s 
more out there’n you’ll usually get to see - and 

In granting Grace her daily pat wi’ veggie scraps 
I’m reminded - there’s pumpkins still to go - do y’ 
remember them? On offer, I propose, if y’ refrain 
from gnawing ‘em before they’re ripe to pick - so 
lock th’ gate she says, hide th’ key, I am a horse 
pleased t’ be pumpkin-pampered occasionally 
© 2 September 2015, I. D. Carswell