18 January 2016


Uh, oh, you’ll say, it’s a logistics nightmare in the 
least, & to thoroughly drub this beast you’d need  
shift out of idle, but into which gear; instinct says 
stay where you are, that’s the easy route played 
conservatively - as you’ve done throughout your 
career, or plead old-age deafness, though that’s 
worn thin when hearing aids are clearly seen as
sprouting intellectually from your doubting ears 

Well, let’s be pragmatic - that means the realistic 
assessment of what need be changed in making 
an attempt to understand what we’re about to be 
confronted with - or dramatic in denying it exists; 
but it won’t go away, the car needs cleaning, not 
necessarily this instant - but definitely today 
© 22 October 2015, I. D. Carswell